Tubing is a crucial element in maple sap collection. In order to ensure optimal conditions, it is important to always make sure the equipment is operative and in good condition. This is why we suggest inspecting your tubing on a regular basis so as to be able to detect leaks as soon as possible and thus avoid losses.

H2O Innovation offers first quality tubing which will undoubtedly satisfy your needs. Designed to meet the maple syrup producers’ standards, it is made of very smooth pipes, which reduce bacterial development and make cleaning easier.

Our mapleline tubing is available in black, white and translucent.

We offer new Flex pipes with a 15-year defect warranty. Adhering to very strict standards, they are flexible and waterproof. They also offer an optimal adhesion to fittings and revert back to their original form after stretching.

You can download our Tubing product sheet here