VIPER sap extractor

Introducing the new VIPER electric
extractor by H2O Innovation. This is the
first stainless steel extractor on the
market. The design is proven over two
years of testing in the sugar bush. The
VIPER is easily adapted from 1 pump to
4 pumps (5,000, to 20,000 taps).
Submersible pumps maintain continuous,
maximum vacuum. The VIPER, is the best
extractor to have in the pumping station.

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The H2O Innovation continuous vacuum extractors
are the best option available on the market. When
the level of sap reaches a certain height,
the submersible pump activates keeping a
maximum vacuum level. Several advantages:
• No loss of sap
• Mechanical float: simple and efficient
• Low consumption 1/2 HP pump
• Use up to 29.5 InHg
• Manometer Included
• Washing systems available
• Automation available