Patented technology High Brix

Let’s develop the flavours!

This exclusive process developed by H2O Innovation is based on its advance
knowledge of membrane filtration. The High Brix concentration process can
concentrate up to 45° Brix in one or two passes. This is made possible by the
addition of membranes and the use of more performant booster pumps. Since your
concentrate comes out of the concentration phase at a high brix level, the evaporation
process with flue pans is not necessary anymore. The concentration phase is therefore
followed by the cooking process that takes place in the specially designed Finishing rig.
There, the syrup is cooked slowly at equal temperature in the flat pans to empart a maximum of flavour.

This advanced technology is simple to use and grants you the ability to plan your
production. The equipment using the High Brix technology is capable of concentrating a large quantity
of maple water while saving you time and energy. Go on, make the change. It’s worth it! Using a High
Concentration machine will also allow you to save on your oil consumption. You will use only half
the oil you would normally use with an evaporator if you use the finising rig.

*Our High Brix equipment are eligible to financial support.