New Web Page – Smartrek

H2O Innovation innovates once again and differentiates itself in 2019 with their performance oriented web interface. Producers having to watch many collecting lines at the same time will know how to appreciate the new functions inside the 2.0 web page. With classified tables each identified per station, color coded alarms will activate according to the difference in sensor readings installed at the end of your main-lines and the ones connected to your extractor. Sugar makers who own different kind of vacuum pumps, with different kinds of performance will now be able to rely on differentials oriented alarms. Cast the content of your interface on to your TV screen, you can now monitor up to 10 stations per sector, for a total of 250 sensors, all simultaneously displayed. It’s now possible to use your sugarbush map more efficiently. Just a quick glance at your monitor and you’re working in the woods again! No time loss at looking for the problems on your computer or on your tablet! Contact our team to learn more or ask for a demo at your place!

HERE Link to Web Page

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