H2O Innovation Acquires Leader Evaporator Co., Inc.

We are very proud and excited to welcome Leader Evaporator to the H2O Family!

The addition of Leader’s activities to H2O Innovation’s existing maple syrup equipment offering will allow the Corporation to meet the needs of a greater number of maple syrup producers. This new alliance, which combines tradition and innovation, will strengthen the Corporation’s ability to support maple syrup producers in their growth by offering everything from entry-level equipment for smaller producers to state-of-the-art technologies for larger producers. H2O Innovation’s extensive knowledge of membrane filtration will also benefit Leader’s customers.

Read the official Press Release here

Stronger together

As many of you know by now, last Friday, H2O Innovation announced entering into an agreement to acquire the business of Leader Evaporator Co., Inc., strengthening its position in the Maple Industry. You can read the press release here: Official PR

This transaction should allow H2O Innovation to increase its market share in the maple industry, primarily in the United States of America, to solidify its position as manufacturer of maple equipment and products and to expand its manufacturing capabilities with an additional facility of 103,780 sq. ft. located in the Town of Swanton, VT.

In addition, H2O Innovation will add 53 distributors and dealers to its current distribution network of nearly 50 distributors. Through this transaction, H2O Innovation will inherit the expertise, talent and manufacturing know-how of more than 50 employees working at the Swanton facility. The transaction is expected to close before July 1, 2022.

2022 Open House Event – Swanton, VT

We would like to thank all of you who attended our US Open House Event last week. We were thrilled to see all of you back in person at our Vermont store! Stay tuned as we will soon share the details on our other Open House Event happening in Ham-Nord (Canada). Thank you for your patience!


Are you interested in a stimulating job in a growing & international Quebec-based business? Come work with us!

Many openings are now available at our Ham-Nord plant (near Victoriaville, QC).



2022 Catalog

Our 2022 Maple Sugaring Equipment Catalog is now available online and you can download it to your computer, tablet or cellphone! To obtain more information on our products and pricing please do not hesitate to call your local dealer or contact us directly (802) 868-6732!

Léo Aubin – 2021 BMX Events Calendar

If you follow us on Facebook, a lot of you already know that H2O Innovation Maple sponsor young BMX athlete, Léo Aubin.

Here’s the upcoming BMX competitions events in which he will participate in the following months:

St-Bruno | August 21-22
Canadian championship event: Calgary, Alberta | 28 août
Crabtree | September 4-5
Drummondville | September 18-19
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu | September 25-26

If you are curious to know how Leo train during Spring, check the clip below :

The MINI RO 4 has been redesigned!

As you know our R&D department work effortlessly to come up with new products for maple syrup producers. This year, we decided to revisit a classic, our MINI RO 4. The same machine has new improved features as you can see below:


Maple sugaring kit – 10 taps

Holidays are approaching fast! The sugaring season too! Why not combine the useful & the pleasant? Offer this 10-tap maple sugaring kit to a family member or to a friend interested in the fascinating world of culture & production of maple syrup. The kit includes : 10 blue spouts, 10 sap buckets, 10 bucket lids, a 5/16 tapping bit, a syrup filter, a thermometer and 3 syrup bottles 250ml.

Available at Latulippe for people living in the Quebec area and also available in our H2O Innovation stores of Ham-Nord & Swanton!
819-344-2288 | 802-868-6732

Ultrafiltration technology now found in maple production!

It has been more than 10 years since H2O Innovation use Ultrafiltration technology into the water treatment by membrane filtration market. We are definitly pioneers in introducing this technology and transposing it to the field of maple syrup production. It was in 2014 when the first UF machine got into a sugar house. As of today, we now have 3 of those operating in the maple market.

Here are some important benefits of this technology:

– Ultrafiltration allows the sap or concentrate to pass through the pores of the membrane, but it limits the passage of bacteria and suspended matter. This process thus makes it possible to purify the sap or the concentrate in order to increase the preservation time and improve the purity of the product. Currently the technology is used by producers who sell sap (around 2 Brix) for bottling, and to some customers who want to buy a concentrate of maple sap that is in between 20 and 45 Brix as a sweetening agent. Maple sugar (not evaporated in the form of concentrate) is a natural and organic sugar with a low glycemic index. Demand in the food market is very strong for natural sugar, and even more so for maple sugar.

– Many producers are selling their concentrate to companies who are using this as a sweetening agent substituting refined sugar.

– Some producers use filtered maple sap for bottling, particularly for sale of the recently popular bottled maple sap water.

Read an article on H2O’s Ultrafiltration used in a big sugarbush (French) : HERE
Read an article on maple sap treatment (French) : HERE