8” H2O Membrane Special!

Good day to all sugar makers! We come bearing good news, until April 15th we have a promo on our H2O-70400 8 inch membrane! This is a limited time deal until stocks last, it can’t be combined with any other deal and payment must be completed before May 15th. For more information ask your authorized distributor.
*Price shown is in USD.


New Catalog 2020, 20th anniversary

Good day everyone, we are wishing you a good & happy new year by offering you our brand new 2020 Maple Production Catalog. This year we also celebrate the company’s 20 years of existence. Stay alert because we will have promotions for you to enjoy for the upcoming twelve months. You can now consult & download it by clicking the link below, have a good read!

H2O Innovation | Maple Production Catalog 2020*

*NOTE: Please note that in the printed version of our catalog, there has been an error at the bottom of page 91. Only the 3 first products from the Anti-foam table are really considered organic. Sorry for this mistake.


Ultrafiltration technology now found in maple production!

It has been more than 10 years since H2O Innovation use Ultrafiltration technology into the water treatment by membrane filtration market. We are definitly pioneers in introducing this technology and transposing it to the field of maple syrup production. It was in 2014 when the first UF machine got into a sugar house. As of today, we now have 3 of those operating in the maple market.

Here are some important benefits of this technology:

– Ultrafiltration allows the sap or concentrate to pass through the pores of the membrane, but it limits the passage of bacteria and suspended matter. This process thus makes it possible to purify the sap or the concentrate in order to increase the preservation time and improve the purity of the product. Currently the technology is used by producers who sell sap (around 2 Brix) for bottling, and to some customers who want to buy a concentrate of maple sap that is in between 20 and 45 Brix as a sweetening agent. Maple sugar (not evaporated in the form of concentrate) is a natural and organic sugar with a low glycemic index. Demand in the food market is very strong for natural sugar, and even more so for maple sugar.

– Many producers are selling their concentrate to companies who are using this as a sweetening agent substituting refined sugar.

– Some producers use filtered maple sap for bottling, particularly for sale of the recently popular bottled maple sap water.

Read an article on H2O’s Ultrafiltration used in a big sugarbush (French) : HERE
Read an article on maple sap treatment (French) : HERE

Return on Ham-Nord’s Open House Event 2019

We would like to take a moment to thank all the people who came to visit us during the 2019 Open House Event in Ham-Nord. Last Friday and Saturday, more than 900 visitors came through the doors to see our equipment, listen carefully to the speakers present and enjoy our best prices of the year! This event could not be a success without your active participation!


Return on the Swanton 2019 Open House Event

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who attended the US Open House Event in Swanton on Friday & Saturday of last week. We would like to congratulate to M. Russell Reed, winner of the H2O fridge! Also congratulations to M. Tyler Hoffman, winner in the bourbon barrel! Thank you to the Sharrow Family for the donation. Thank you very much everyone for your visit and see you next year! For those of you who’d like to attend the Canadian Open House Event in Ham-Nord in 2 weeks, to see where we build and assemble our equipment, there will be a shuttle from Vermont to cross over in Quebec, Canada. Call us (802) 868-6732 for more information. Until then take care & have a terrific summer!


New Web Page – Smartrek

H2O Innovation innovates once again and differentiates itself in 2019 with their performance oriented web interface. Producers having to watch many collecting lines at the same time will know how to appreciate the new functions inside the 2.0 web page. With classified tables each identified per station, color coded alarms will activate according to the difference in sensor readings installed at the end of your main-lines and the ones connected to your extractor. Sugar makers who own different kind of vacuum pumps, with different kinds of performance will now be able to rely on differentials oriented alarms. Cast the content of your interface on to your TV screen, you can now monitor up to 10 stations per sector, for a total of 250 sensors, all simultaneously displayed. It’s now possible to use your sugarbush map more efficiently. Just a quick glance at your monitor and you’re working in the woods again! No time loss at looking for the problems on your computer or on your tablet! Contact our team to learn more or ask for a demo at your place!

HERE Link to Web Page


Maple sugaring kit – 10 taps

Holidays are approaching fast! The sugaring season too! Why not combine the useful & the pleasant? Offer this 10-tap maple sugaring kit to a family member or to a friend interested in the fascinating world of culture & production of maple syrup. The kit includes : 10 blue spouts, 10 sap buckets, 10 bucket lids, a 5/16 tapping bit, a syrup filter, a thermometer and 3 syrup bottles 250ml.

Available at Latulippe for people living in the Quebec area and also available in our H2O Innovation stores of Ham-Nord & Swanton!
819-344-2288 | 802-868-6732


Centre du Québec is offering 15 maple production workshops for 2018-19

Starting this November and up until mid-February, the Le_SAE (Service for entreprises) and the Collective in Agriculture Training of Centre du Québec are becoming partners to offer 15 maple production workshops. If you are interested in attending these training workshops you can contact Le_SAE either by phone: 1 855 221-3315, extension 6196 or by email at You can also access their website to get more information You wouldn’t want to miss out on these events!

See the poster here | French only


H2O Innovation on Instagram

Hi everyone!

We are profiting from Summer’s arrival to invite you to follow us on Instagram. Indeed, we are now active on the popular social media, follow @h2oinnovation to stay informed of novelties, events, deals & sweepstakes. Wishing you a beautiful summer season, be careful and see you soon!


Testimonial from satisfied new customers

We recently received a message of appreciation from satisfied customers, we would like to share it with you all:

We are very happy and satisfied to have chosen the H2O Innovation maple equipment for the realization of our project to build a sugar house.

We were very well advised and followed by your maple representatives Marco Leblanc and Steeve Lessard, they were both very competent and professional. We greatly appreciated their valuable advice and they took the time of teaching us to use of all the equipment, including the vacuum, the separator, the evaporator and the maple syrup press.

They are very concerned about their work and they were very generous with their time.
We had a great experience for our first sugaring season, even though the past season was not very favorable.

We will recommend your products and exemplary service with great enthusiasm!

Lucie and André Simard, 8000 taps, Woburn, QC