Testimonial | H2O-Smartrek™

We received a great testimonial from one of our distributor this week regarding H2O-Smartrek. As you can see, it is true that H2O-Smartrek can make your work a lot more efficient and increase you production.

I just wanted to say that H2O-Smartrek TM is incredible! I am so glad we are part of the H2O Innovation distributor team! It made our weekend go so much better. We knew exactly when we needed to go get a load of sap, saving us tons of time in guessing and no sap was spilled. Also, we knew early in the morning that our generator had run out of gas and we were able to get out there really quickly to fill it up. 

Plus, being able to look at the data is a lot of fun. Here is an overlay of the vacuum we had and the temperature. You can see that as we were tapping it was all over the place. As we opened new lines for tapping, the vacuum would drop and as we tapped them it would improve. You can see the up and down all day. Then there is the overnight generator outage, and leak fixing on Sunday, getting us up to 25 inches! Also, you can see the brief period of warm temperatures today when we should have run the vacuum. This is going to help us so much improve our yield and increase reliability. I am glad we had a few warm days to do a dry run. Now we wait through the next 2 weeks of cold weather for another chance to see the system in action.

Tony Tomory
Pefferlaw Creek Farms

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